Moisture Lip Balm

Product Introduction

ThisDolly X Moisture Lip Balm provides deep moisture to your lips, leaving them healthy and vibrant. With advanced moisture-locking features and nourishing ingredients, it protects your lips even in dry environments, supplying essential nutrients for naturally radiant lips.

Product Features

1. Powerful Moisture Lock
ThisDolly X Moisture Lip Balm has a smooth texture that forms a protective barrier on the lips, preventing moisture from evaporating. It keeps your lips moisturized for an extended period, promoting lip health.

2. Rich in Nutrient Ingredients
Enriched with Vitamin E and moisture-locking complex compounds, it supplies ample nutrition to your lips, maintaining a smooth and fresh feel while enhancing their natural vitality.

3. Lightweight Sensation
The silky texture adds a natural glow to your lips, providing a light and comfortable makeup experience.

4. Continuous Lip Nutrition
To maintain smooth and refreshing lips, it continually supplies nutrients for sustained lip health.

How to Use

Use your finger or a lip brush to apply an appropriate amount of ThisDolly X Moisture Lip Balm to your lips.
Spread evenly for lasting moisturization and a natural, vibrant look.
Reapply as needed to keep your lips hydrated and fresh.


For external use only.
If any irritation, rash, or itching occurs during cosmetic use, discontinue use and consult a professional.
Keep out of reach of infants and children.