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Brand Story

Edally EX is based on the English word dally, which means to enjoy. Play together” with the ‘E’ for Execute and the ‘EX’ for Excellent.

In other words, we want everyone to have a beautiful face and body, a confident and unshadowed expression, and to love each other, play together, socialize together, and lead a joyful life using excellent products called Edally EX.

What we stand for

The origin of Edally EX is “Ganggangsulae,” which was inscribed on the UNESCO World Intangible Heritage List in 2009.

Ganggangsulae is a dance performed by women holding hands in a circle under a round full moon on the full moon day of the lunar New Year or Chuseok.

Widely practiced in the southwestern region of South Korea, “Ganggangsulae” is a folk custom to pray for a good harvest and abundance, and is usually performed in the middle of August.

On the night of a bright full moon, dozens of village maidens gather, join hands, and spin in a circle, with one person leading the chorus of “Ganggangsulae,” followed by several others singing in the background. The dance continues throughout the night and is accompanied by folk games on the way around the circle.

It’s a performing art that is now practiced all over Korea, making it one of the country’s most representative folk arts. Ganggangsulae is an important traditional custom that originated from the culture of rice farming, a daily rural life. It is easy to learn because of its simple tunes and movements, and women danced together with their neighbors, sharing a sense of cooperation, equality, and friendship

Edally EX aims to create a world where everyone can love, encourage, and live their lives with a confident face and body using Edally EX’s products.

Edally EX is made in South Korea and has a great FORMULA, consisting of high quality products that can be used to moisturize, firm, reduce wrinkles, whiten, protect against UV rays, and improve acne.


“Based on continuous R&D and outstanding technology,

Korea’s cosmetics and nutraceuticals and healthcare products in Korea.”

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